1. 5 Minute Magnetic Compass coverimage

    5 Minute Magnetic Compass

    Sat 19 April 2014
    By Omphalosskeptic

    Magnetism is an incredible force of nature; what better demonstration of it’s practicality than the ancient magnetic compass? …

  2. Drawdio: Sketch Music coverimage

    Drawdio: Sketch Music

    Mon 10 March 2014
    By Omphalosskeptic

    Build a pencil that draws music! The Drawdio is a simple musical synthesizer that uses the conductive properties of pencil graphite to create different sounds …

  3. Minimalist DC Motor coverimage

    Minimalist DC Motor

    Fri 14 February 2014
    By Omphalosskeptic

    Convert electricity to motion with a simple DC Motor. This project requres few materials, all of which are easily available, and take about forty-five minutes to build …

  4. Joule Thief coverimage

    Joule Thief

    Mon 03 February 2014
    By Omphalosskeptic

    Power a flashlight with “Dead” Batteries. This simple circuit steps up the voltage and lets you run an LED off batteries from the recycling depot. Free Power! …

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